By cycling


On February 4th 2012, Caleb White and I set out to ride our bikes from Albuquerque, NM to New York City via the South. The thing is, we left with a very small amount of money and an even smaller amount of cycling experience. We cut corners where we could, like using cheap dry bags instead of real saddle bags, finding food in dumpsters instead of restaurants, and sleeping in a tent or on a couch instead of a hotel room. In fact, the only time we walked into a hotel was for the left over continental breakfast (thanks Holiday Inn Express).

After arriving in New York, I cut together a short highlight video from our GoPro footage that ended up being featured all over the interwebs. Even The Huffington Post found it interesting enough to share. 

3.5 Months. 14 States. 3300 Miles. 1,000,000 Fun.

The whole story: